HI! I am Kamran Sadikhov - Freelance Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer Portfolio | Kamran Sadikhov

IMHO #Design should impress. But most importantly, the design should sell – literally and metaphorically as a freelance Graphic Designer, I had the chance to contact a lot of clients. Learn the process of working without any intermediary.

Working as a freelancer packaging, the design made me learned all my limits and things to improve. Kept on working on my personal projects and collaborations with other artists in order to grow.

I’ve designed all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients, and the only thing that all my final products had in common is that they had to sell, market and promote. The only way to achieve this is by creating masterly. Finished products that convey professionalism and user satisfaction. Every single detail matters – structure, typography, images, proportions, colors, patterns… All should be synchronized to complete the maximum UI/UX.

I believe that I always put myself not only in my client’s shoes but also in the shoes of the end user. Every project has its target audience with its own needs, expectations, taste etc.

When starting a project. I always take my time to plan, research and experiment, before kicking off with the final design work. My aim is to create such a strong impression on the end user that they have to act after seeing the design piece.

My specialty is web design and front-end development, working on pixel tricks in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and turning them into beautiful. Semantic HTML & CSS. I have solid experience with CMS and frameworks like WordPress, Magento, CS-Cart, Joomla, Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap. Also, I am professional packaging and label designer. I can design all sort of product design and 3D modeling and print

My interests do, however, extend beyond websites. I love creating brand logos, newsletters, and print design.

I am Kamran Sadikhov – Freelance Graphic Designer and do not forget to look at my portfolio


User Experience 100%
Photoshop 90%
Wireframing 85%
Mobile design 85%
CSS3 90%
HTML5 100%
Material Design 100%
Illustrator 90%
Branding 95%
Logo Design 90%